Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cakes & Cupcakes Price

Price cakes, cupcakes, cheesetart @ Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru


1. Chocolate moist cake RM40 (1.3kg)
2. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting RM65 (1kg)
3. Kek lapis masam manis RM55 (1.5kg)
4. Almond / walnut chocolate brownies RM45 / tray
5. Kek batik marie RM40 (1kg)
6. Marble chocolate cheese RM55 (1kg)


Size S, M & L minimum order 25 pcs

All price quoted for M size

1. Buttercream deco RM 2.80(m)
2. Royal icing deco RM 3.00(m)
3. Buttercream and chocolates RM 3.00(m)
4. Buttercream and gumpaste flower RM 3.50(m)
5. Buttercream + fresh fruitt RM 3.50(m)
6. Royal icing / fondant RM 3.80(m)
7. Fondant based and fondant decor RM 4.00(m)
8. Fondant/royal icing and gumpaste flower RM 4.00(m)
9. 3D fondant figurine RM4.00 (m)

Birthday cake (Sponge cake);

1. Buttercream frosting starting from RM45/kg
2. Fresh cream frosting starting from RM55/kg
3. Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache starting from RM55/kg

**Price may vary for cartoon artwork cake depends on the design
**For edible image price starting from RM20 - RM35 per sheet (A4 size)

Wedding Cakes/Engagement Cakes

1. Steam buttercream from RM70/kg
2. Fondant hantaran from RM90/kg
3. Fondant hantaran with cloth / embossed effect from RM120 /kg
4. Fondant hantaran ribbon from RM120/kg
6. Fondant Stacked / tiered set from RM450 above (3 tiers)
7. Buttercream set from RM300 above (3 tiers)


1. Cheese tart RM32 (50 pcs)
2. Egg tart RM30 (50 pcs)
3. Fruit tart RM42 (50 pcs)

1 set (35 pcs) RM45
**minimum order 2 sets

Bahulu Cermai = RM20 / 100 biji
** Minimum order 1000 biji
RM12/ 50 biji
** Minimum order 100 biji
Bahulu Gulung = RM10 / 3 biji

Bahulu cup = RM1.00 sebiji
** Minimum order 1000 biji

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